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Southern Tier back Burner Barley Wine

February 18, 2011

prunes (and at times almost fresh plums), diverse spice, toasted grain and caramel; such friendly travel companions en route from chapped lips to gulping gullet. what a difference between this and pretty things’ barley wine, not as complex but almost as intensely flavored. much more fruitiness (can really see why this style of beer is referred to as a wine) and not so alcoholic which makes me think that alot of the spice in pretty things’ finest regards might be derived from its alcoholic warmth, i dunno, both awesome, this one is lighter and less textural, brighter more tawny color. yum me (those two words really do sum up most of this blog’s content)


Liked this

December 28, 2010

Here’s a link to an article about cities. It is largely inconclusive about what we should be doing about cities. From what I could gather: nothing much and a whole lot even if it is a relatively free city.

Pretty Things, Our Finest Regards

December 28, 2010

13.4% showing no heat, just a weight of spice and an amazing texture, don’t drink this too cold, golden raisins and platanos maduros as well as a hint of clementine, there is a wealth of spice notes as well as suspicions of toffee and honey, all these flavors are interwoven to create a stunning pattern on the palate, the balance reminds me of their Jack d’Or (still maybe their best beer) but so much heavier and this weight allied to the harmony of parts creates a most supremely voluptuous beer, on their website they seem to be implying that it would be a good thing to age the beer a year or two, I may just give that a try

Mixed News: Mosel Bridge Unviable/Forests Cleared above Wehlener Sonnenuhr

December 28, 2010

Figures it all might come down to money. Someone got a somewhat more up to date cost-benefit analysis of the bridge done, the last time the German gov’t did this was 1992, and the grim assessment of the matter may just get a crazy bald-head or two to heed the calls to stop this mad project. Bad news is that they already started clearing the forests above Wehlener Sonnenuhr. There are a couple articles to cjeck out.

Above and below are pictures of one of the finest vineyards in the world, the ‘spice garden’ of Urizg or Urziger-Wurzgarten; the bridge, were it to be completed, would pass directly through it.

Muscadet and Kale Salad

November 20, 2010

There is a salad my friend makes and the flavor profile reminds me of oysters so I imagine it would go quite well with a Muscadet. A simple salad that need not be particularly expensive (though farmer’s market Dinosaur Kale surely made a difference and a great olive oil would accomplish something as well) and a simple wine, great examples of which can be had for a song. Pictured is Dinosaur Kale.

Simply take raw Kale (preferably the Dinosaur variety), toss it with lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt and let it sit a few minutes for the acid in the lemon to break down the Kale a little bit.

Wine really isn’t needed to enjoy this but I’d go for Muscadet, Petit Chablis, Saint-Bris, Aligote; something high acid, unoaked and preferably with some notable autolysis derived character. As for beer maybe a saison, or Scneider Weiss makes a beer called Weisen Edel-Weisse, Hoegarten maybe. I dunno. A light stout/porter might work too, like Guiness.

2008 Camino de Navaherreros

November 20, 2010

Big Garnacha. Ruby/purple color and slightly hazy. All the berries in the forest, baking spice, roasted herbs and a distinct hint of  lilies. There is heat from the alcohol but I forgive the wine for this because despite this boisterousness it has alot of character . Medium minus tannin and low acid. Finish is lilies and berries. At this price point (@$15) it is one of the most complete Garnachas I’ve ever tasted. This is the entry level wine from these folks, apparently they make a few single vineyard wines as well.

The wine also has one of the best critter labels I’ve ever seen. It has a silhouette of someone sitting on top of a bear with a wine glass in hand. First it’s just kinda cool and if she wasn’t just a cartoon I’d like to meet her. It also makes me think about viticulture and how wines should not made not by overpowering the natural forces at work in vineyards but by respecting them and riding along a path that is created by the convocation of man and land. Garnacha has been planted in this area of Spain longer than anyone can remember and it is apparently quite well suited to the terrain because this wine is great.  Here is a link to the importer’s page for some more info.

2009 Chateau Ducasse Bordeaux Blanc

April 22, 2010

New vintage. Less acidity than the last and I think less complex. Pear, lemon and green mango. There’s very little of the mystery scents that came through in the 2008. It’s probably just off the boat so maybe it needs some time. I’d still be curious to see what it’s like in a year or two or more but I wish I saved some 2008 because I bet it would have aged better.