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2008 Camino de Navaherreros

November 20, 2010

Big Garnacha. Ruby/purple color and slightly hazy. All the berries in the forest, baking spice, roasted herbs and a distinct hint of  lilies. There is heat from the alcohol but I forgive the wine for this because despite this boisterousness it has alot of character . Medium minus tannin and low acid. Finish is lilies and berries. At this price point (@$15) it is one of the most complete Garnachas I’ve ever tasted. This is the entry level wine from these folks, apparently they make a few single vineyard wines as well.

The wine also has one of the best critter labels I’ve ever seen. It has a silhouette of someone sitting on top of a bear with a wine glass in hand. First it’s just kinda cool and if she wasn’t just a cartoon I’d like to meet her. It also makes me think about viticulture and how wines should not made not by overpowering the natural forces at work in vineyards but by respecting them and riding along a path that is created by the convocation of man and land. Garnacha has been planted in this area of Spain longer than anyone can remember and it is apparently quite well suited to the terrain because this wine is great.  Here is a link to the importer’s page for some more info.

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