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2009 Odyssea Mendoza Pinot Gris

March 18, 2010

The whole apricot, skin, pit, stem and all. Hints of pineapple. Not too complex but very cute. Medium minus acidity, medium bodied with a juicy mid-palate. A little pineapple on the short finish. Well made and fairly interesting for a wine that retails around $10.

First I’d like to say I’m glad they didn’t call it a Grigio, kinda shallow I know but I’m still glad. I’d also say very Mendoza but I don’t think I’ve ever had an Argentinian Pinot Gris before so I can’t really justify it but I’ll try. Mendoza is known for its long growing season and cool high altitude vineyards that result in grapes hanging in vines for a very long time. The apricot skin note could be a sign of this long season. There was a longer than normal period of time on the vine in which the ripe juice of the grape was in contact with the skin.  Extra phenolics may be picked up this way so that even free run juice will show distinct phenolic character.  Extreme ripeness plus subtle phenolics would tend to indicate a long hangtime in a cool climate while under ripe fruit flavors and strong phenolics would indicate a short hangtime. Just some machinations the likes of which might go on in blind tasting.

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