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Mosel Bridge: I don’t like you.

March 4, 2010

I met Ernst Loosen at the “Friends of Ernie” tasting in Boston. He is quite the friendly guy. I asked him a few questions about his wines but I also had to ask him what I could do to help stop the building of a bridge that will tower over his vines in the Urziger Wurzgarten. I already emailed the prime minister of Germany and signed a petition awhile back but from all I’ve read the project is going forward without any consideration for the land it will deface. Artists renderings of the bridge show the beautiful countenance of the Mosel valley with a nasty grimace smack across it. It looks to be a very ugly bridge. Even if it were some architectural wonder it would still be in a terrible place because the bridge is only part of the problem. The highway leading to the bridge will clear healthy forest lands, integral elements in the delicate ecosystems of the Mosel’s most precious vineyards. Natural subterranean drainage systems that developedĀ  for millennia will undoubtedly be abruptly disturbed by the four lane highway and pollution will befoul the heretofore pristine rural landscape. This just to trim 30 minutes off the journey from Belgium to the Frankfurt airport.

Things look bleak, construction has already started on the highway leading up to the bridge and the Mosel is seen as a somewhat politically irrelevant region. International attention is one of the best shots we have to stop the bridge. You can visit this website for lots information, links and suggestions about how to support the effort against the bridge. If you love fine wine or think cultural and environmental heritage is important then I urge you to visit the site. The vineyards that will be affected are singular natural wonders and among the most precious in the world. The toils of countless past generations and the work of present and future winegrowers on these incomparable slopes will be emphatically scorned if the bridge is completed. To the politicians who have fabricated this travesty and continue to ignore those who have brought it to light: you suck.

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