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Founders Brewing’s Red’s Rye P.A. and Chicken Madras

March 3, 2010

I’ve enjoyed the two beers I’ve had from Founders, Double Trouble and Red’s Rye P.A., they were both well balanced with bright hoppy flavours and deep malty ones. They are also located in the town of my birth: Grand Rapids, MI. I hope I have some time to visit them when I’m next visiting my family there. I didn’t take much note of Double Trouble, I remember it was a very big beer with tons of hoppy complexity but the Red’s I remember well as being fantastically complex. It smelled like citrus and tamarind with hints of molasses and spice. It was a little more delicate than most I.P.A.s and the notes of tamarind caused me to set a couple bottles aside for the next time I had Indian food. I recently spotted a dish ‘cooked in special tamarind sauce with a touch of ginger, cashews and garlic’ called Chicken Madras on the menu of one of my favorite Indian restaurants, India Quality in Kenmore, and I thought it would be perfect with this beer. It ended up being a very good pairing rather than a perfect one. The tangy aspects of both were great together but the citrus of the beer outdid the tamarind of the dish. But overall, yum.

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